LabVIEW and RTL-SDR interface

I've made an interface between the popular RTL-SDR compatible hardware and NI LabVIEW. It's not complete, but just got it working. It's a set of SubVIs that can be used to connect to an rtl_tcp server. I've also implemented a WFM demodulator, so I could listen to some FM broadcast in LabVIEW.

During the development, the biggest problem was getting usable sound output - it's really hard to get continous playback with the sound VIs that LabVIEW has, there are issues with the buffering.

UPDATE: Download the whole project here.


Hi I would like to if you could link me to a scourse for this application. I am hoping to use Labview to record raw data from a USB SDR. Any other links or resources that you found helpful would be wonderful. Thanks for the help.

Hi Lindsay,

I'm planning to publish the source code on this website in a week. I had to fix some bugs that we've discovered since May.

Can you please convert the project to labview 8.5 ?
thanks bye Carmelo

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