Solved problem with headphone jack under Linux

My laptop, which has Linux installed, started to miss changing the sound output from the speakers to headphones when I plugged in an audio jack. (I still can't decide whether it's caused by Wine pulseaudio bug or hibernation.) It was annoying, because I had to reboot the machine to make headphones work again.

My configuration: Debian Unstable and laptop with Intel High Definition sound card, Pulseaudio using ALSA sink as output.

I could figure out how to solve it without rebooting:

First I had to close any applications using the sound output, or simply kill the ALSA sink of Pulseaudio this way:
pacmd list-modules
Look for module-alsa-card and read ID.
pacmd unload-module 4
Where 4 is the ID on my system.

Restart Intel sound kernel module to resolve headphone issue:
sudo rmmod snd_hda_intel
sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel

Now get pulseaudio restart:
pulseaudio -k

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