HackRF workshop

Thanks to dnet/HA5VSA of H.A.C.K. (Hungarian Autonomous Center for Knowledge), we had the opportunity to test this quite new device. HackRF One is an universal software radio device capable of receiving and transmitting between 10 MHz and 6 GHz, with a maximum of 20 MHz bandwith. It's a handy tool to help you to learn how RF devices work today, down to the physical layer of communication.

Michael Ossmann's team has just shipped the HackRF One to their backers on Kickstarter. To our great pleasure, dnet was kind enough to bring the device to our club and we could do some hands-on testing.

The board has a handy plastic box, and is based on the LMS6002D transceiver IC. It has multiple SMA connectors (one for the antenna, two for clock input and output).

During the event, we have successfully viewed the signal of a small transmitter that János, HG5APZ has built for his high altitude balloon projects.

We have also transmitted an analog signal with HackRF, and demodulated it with a Kenwood HT.

I also have to note my personal impression while taking a look at the waterfall plot: the false signals and the frequency offset that RTL-SDR had were not present - this device should have a well-engineered RF frontend, however, I still know that only precise measurements can tell that. It's cool anyway :-)


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