Headless first boot with Odroid-C1

It was quite easy, but I'd like to highlight some information:

  • You can download the Ubuntu 14.04 image from here (EU mirror). I copied it to an SD card with dd.
  • As I have not ordered a power supply for the board (and it has a quite uncommon connector), I had to short R87 in order to power it from the MicroUSB port (just as it can be done with the Raspberry Pi).
  • I shorted the Boot Media Selector so that I can use my MicroSD card.
  • The Ubuntu image has DHCP and SSH enabled by default. I've found the IP address of the board on my network with:
    nmap -sP 192.168.0/24

    (This detects all IP addresses on a class C network, by pinging all possible ones. Warning: use the nmap tool only on your own network, as using it may be misunderstood as a security intrusion attempt!)

  • Now I could log in to the board:
    ssh odroid@

    The default password is odroid (just as the username).



Hi Andras,

I just tried out openwebrx and I must say I am really impressed! Good work! That was exactly what I was looking for :)
I tried it also on my Raspberry Pi 1 and of course it barely handles 250k samples/s. So I was thinking to buy an Odroid C1 or Rpi2.
Do you have any experience running openwebrx on the C1? I am curious how it would perform. I saw a server on the website (http://sdr.hu/) which is using an Rpi2. A C1 has a little more CPU power, RTC, Gigabit Ethernet. On the downside you can't use the mainline kernel on the C1 directly as with the Rpi2, which is a big pro for the Rpi2 I think.
73s, Hauke (DO5HHC)

Hi Hauke,

OpenWebRX does work on the Odroid C1, I have tried it myself.
It could also do a bit better in terms of CPU performance than the RPi 2.
The current dev branches of OpenWebRX and csdr also includes some inline assembly optimizations for NEON, so you should also try that.


Andras, HA7ILM

Brilliant! The dev branch runs smooth, even on my old Rpi! Great, i will experiment with it! Thanks so much!

73s, Hauke

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